Jessie Beebe


As a speaker, pastor, playwright, and leader, Jessie has been in ministry and performing arts for twenty-five years. Jessie is an ordained pastor with a degree in Theatre Education. She served as a children’s pastor for seven years, then had the unique experience of traveling the U.S. performing in a 30-city tour as the host and spokesperson of VeggieTales Live, where she performed numbers from her album “Pump Up the Praise.” Internationally, Jessie has performed and evangelized in Nepal, Africa, Haiti, and Hondorus with evangelists such as Luis Palau. She has performed and preached at T.D. Jakes’ The Potter’s House, Tony Evans’ Oak Cliff Bible Church, and Robert Morris’ Gateway Church. She also ministered and performed at festivals such as KLTY’s Celebrate Freedom, T.D. Jake’s MegaFest, and CreationFest West. Through her non-profit organization, Stand Ministries, Jessie has trained hundreds of children and teen leaders on how to use their performing arts gifts for Jesus. Jessie is a has written, directed, and produced the plays “No Place Like Home” and “Forward to the Past.” Jessie and her co-author Janet Bloss recently morphed “No Place Like Home” into an illustrated young adult novel similar to the “Wizard of Oz” novel. With her natural gifts of speaking, teaching, and leading, Jessie is a recurring guest on the Fishbowl Radio Network’s Vinelife Ministry show.